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1/ General Information

The discussions about the French Mölkky Federation began in 2011. 6 Associations were present for the first meeting. 2 years later, in december 2013, the French Mölkky French became official. Now, all 6 associations are FFMö membership. 3 persons are in the gouvernement.


Möllky French Federation has for main purposes :

– To put in relation persons and institutions which work at making known and develop Mölkky in France,

– To inform players about rules, events and practice of Mölkky generally,

– To help towards constitution of associations in France,

– To organize or to help towards organization of events around the practice of Mölkky,

– To create links with foreign associations, and in particular with the International Mölkky Federation.


Statuts de la FFMö english version


Since 2013, the French Federation of Mölkky is a member in the International Federation and participates actively to the development of Mölkky in the world.


Since 2011

More than 500.000 family players,

More than 1.500 occasional players in associations

1.000 regular players in French associations,

8 “Open de France” (256 teams on 2016, the inscriptions closed on 24 hours).

4 French Champions League, 32 associations in 2015, probably 40 next year.



FFMö has been informed (and informed the associations) about 200 tournaments in France,

4.000 people on the facebook page,

93 organisations play Mölkky (86 last year),

71 official associations (59 last year),

55 membership associations in FFMö (43 last year).

This moment, FFMO support to creation of 8 associations


2/ Years 2016 & 2017

2016 : France organize the MM 2016 with Mölkky Association,

(Le Rheu, near from Rennes, Britany).

2017 : France organize the European Championship  with Breizh Association Mölkky Morbihan (Theix, Britany).


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